Baby Phone & Co: Technology for the little ones

In the age of digitalization, technical devices in the form of hardware and software have long since found their way into the households of young families. The offers are numerous and sometimes confusing.

No matter what the problem, there is a technical solution. In addition to the well-known baby monitors and sleep aids that work with audio, increasingly technical devices are also available for visual monitoring. Monitors, online cameras and various sensor mats and sensors that are used in clothing or even on the infants' body.

Parents understandably want the best for their children. Therefore, surveillance technology can be a great relief giving the feeling of security and control around the clock.

55% of 2,400 respondents across all demographic groups in 2015 indicated that they had used, would use, or wanted to use smart home applications in the form of W-LAN enabled baby monitors.*

In a survey carried out by Volkswagen and Gofore in 2019 among parents with children under the age of 4, as many as 88% in the US reported the use of baby monitors, compared with 27% in Germany.**

It is also important not to go too far and to get to a state of "total monitoring". Technology should be used appropriately and in an age-appropriate manner as well as to promote the development of infants. Therefore, the selection of meaningful and safe functioning technology is of great importance.

Inexperienced parents can benefit greatly from the experience of others. Good advice from friends is worth its weight in gold. Furthermore, independent expert forums and studies also provide a solid basis for decision making for the use of technology in the nursery. In relation to this topic, it is particularly important to listen to the advice from experienced providers with corresponding expertise. This is reflected in their products with adequate test procedures, experience and applications that are appropriate for the toddler's age.

Based on these principles, the m:Baby offering operates and transfers information from age-appropriate smart home devices into the world of mobility.


*, 2015 

** Gofore, 2019

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