Distraction by children in traffic

"If you turn your eyes away from the road you are flying blind."

"If you turn your eyes away from the road you are flying blind. The danger of weaving or drifting into the opposite lane or even slamming into the guardrail or against a tree is not to be underestimated.”*

The list of possible distractions on a car journey is a long one. Of course, this also includes a big distraction risk from children.

Attention and interaction are essential for the healthy development of children. But when we travel in a car with children our focus should be on driving so that everyone reaches their destination safely. On these occasions, our dear little ones are, in fact, small attention robbers. This can lead to stress and distraction for the parents.

So how can I interact with my child safely? And what helpful equipment do parents wish for? First and foremost, there is the desire for safety. This was the overwhelming result from interviews conducted by ADAC, TÜV Nord and Gofore. Parents, of course study current test results and recommendations and the topic of safety is extremely important. Why?

In general, distraction is statistically the leading cause of accidents. In a recent study from the USA 68.3% of recorded accidents involving property damage and / or personal injury were identified as having been caused by a distraction.** In a German meta-analysis from 2015 the magnitude of the distraction of various causes was investigated. Caring for passengers including toddlers was identified as a ‘dangerous source’ in 33% of cases.*** The numbers show that taking measures to reduce accidents are really important. For example, a revision of traffic rules is currently being discussed in Australia.

Children are considered a distraction that is as dangerous as using a smartphone. After a distraction lasting more than 2 seconds you may even be fined by the authorities. As a car driver with small children you have the duty to allow for distraction-free driving. It is because of these essential safety considerations that m:Baby was developed.


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