Edutainment: Play & Learn

A new study "Children, Technology and Play" published by the LEGO Foundation, shows how technology affects the way that children play, and how they learn and develop critical skills through play.

The study shows that "quality play with digital technologies, when it is examined closely, is clearly good for children’s knowledge, their development of skills (both tech skills and wider skills, including social skills), their emotional wellbeing and their family relationships. It also supports creativity in all its forms."

Especially positive learning effect  can be achieved if parents are actively involved and "the experience is actively engaging, meaningful and enjoyable, and involves experimentation and social interactions". According to the study, play ‘on the go’ is also often digital (UK): play in cars and trains. Additionally,  "when the right kind of device comes together with the right kind of adult involvement..., then creativity can be found in abundance".

m:Baby is the right kind of device that can help to extend the audiovisual knowledge space through personalised content with participation from the parents. Thus, travelling accompained with edutaiment content can achieve a new quality. 


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