Good planning is everything

Driving a car with small children can be very stressful. Therefore good preparation is recommended, especially during long trips, and preparation requirements can vary a lot.

The preparation requirements are based on the child’s age, their preferences and what the parents regard as meaningful or comfortable. When babies are on board, these small preparations can make a big difference. With good preparation the journey can be a pleasure.

Usually the longer the distance the more exhausting it is for all occupants. However, while sitting for a long time as an adult tends to result in neck or back pain, it is more serious as an infant as they can get permanent damage to the spinal column.* So, which seat is the best for my child? There are clear rules in Germany for this: According to §21 StVO babies up to the age of 15 months must be transported in the opposite direction of travel. Placing a baby seat in the passenger seat is only permitted if the airbag has been deactivated. In addition, the rear seat and the area directly behind the driver is considered particularly safe. In our blog “Is my baby sitting safely?” we give more you more information about how to safely position your child. In general, it is better to use a seat that allows a baby to recline while driving and we recommend that inexperienced parents should make short test drives with their babies and any new equipment before venturing on long car journeys.

During a journey, sufficient breaks provide relaxation for all travellers. In principle all long journeys should have enough breaks. A break at a rest stop will not only give you the opportunity to change and feed your baby, but also allow some fresh air providing relaxation for both the adults and the little ones.

The m:Baby modular concept can be a meaningful addition to a safely secured infant seat and make long car journeys less stressful. For example a security clip with additional features can be attached to the seat belt or a smartphone app that contains personalized content and innovative support features can be used.



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