Is my baby sitting safely?

When it comes to the safety of toddlers when driving a car, no short cuts are allowed

The little ones are our highest priority and are close to our hearts. The central safety element is the child seat. In addition to the safety aspect of child car seats, three other trends are emerging:

  1. Child seats that ‘grow up’ with the baby until the age of 12 years
  2. Stroller shells that can be used on the ISOFIX base in the car
  3. Products with multiple benefits.

For quite some time now, especially from Scandinavian parents, the issue of ‘reboarder seats’ has been discussed. This is a rear-facing child seat similar to an infant carrier. The child sits in it in the back seat or the passenger seat, facing the opposite direction of travel. The distribution of reboarder seats in Germany, Austria and Switzerland isn’t very high yet due to prejudices.* Comparing Germany with Sweden shows that 90% of infants in Sweden to the age of 4 travel in a reboarder seat. In Germany however most parents place their children from a weight of 9 kg in child seats which are aligned in the direction of travel.

In frontal collisions the high forces acting on a small body can sometimes cause serious injuries this is because the weight of the head of an infant relative to the total body and the total body weight is up to 25% (in adults it is about 6%). Also the muscules and tendons in the neck area are not fully developed. Of course all parents hope that nothing ever happens. However in the worst case a reboarder seating system can absorb the impact energy into the seat shell. The result is that the head, neck and spine experience less strain which is distributed more evenly. This significantly reduces the number of serious injuries in infants.

The ADAC also recommends using reboarder seats for as long as possible but points out that they must be correctly installed like all other child seats. The result of a crash test in Sweden was clear: The rear-facing child seat was clearly superior to the forward facing seat.** The m:Baby system works with the trend towards reboarder seats supplementing them with an age-appropriate modular safety and entertainment system.




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