Toddlers and the Media – Responsible and reasonable

From a psychological point of view, three conditions must be met to enable infants from birth to the age of 4 to sensually comprehend media messages

These three conditions are: 1. communicative competence, 2. cognitive competence and 3. emotional competence.*

In the lifespan from newborn to the fourth year of life, infants undergo considerable developmental steps. The ability for symbolic interaction through gestures, language and images develops as well as the ability to understand the meaning of a media message.

Finally, toddlers learn to be interested in certain things while other things are less stimulating. For example, vision develops slowly in the first 6-12 months. Therefore babies should not be exposed to strong visual stimuli because they may not be able to recognize what they are seeing.

It is certainly desirable for parents in the car at this early stage, to be able to see their child resting in a rear-facing seat in the back, to get them familiar with the parental voice, and so that the parents can hear the baby and possibly play soothing music.

In a later phase, lively two-year-olds look forward to age appropriate simple stories, which they may already know from picture books. When these stories are displayed in the car, clearly visible to the child by means of a projection on the interior vehicle roof, this can result in a completely new and comfortable experience during the journey - for both the little ones and for the parents.

Gradually, the audiovisual knowledge space can be extended through personalised content and, depending on the child's level of development, with participation from the parents. Thus, the often stressful task of travelling with toddlers can actually achieve a new quality depending on whether I want to entertain my child or calm it down.

With m:Baby and its modular principle, users of car journeys are given the means to safely monitor, communicate, entertain and produce their own content, depending on their needs and the age of their children.


*Charlton, Michael (2007) Das Kind und sein Startkapital – Medienhandeln aus der Perspektive der Entwicklungpsychologie. In: Helga Thenert (Hg.) Medienkinder von Geburt an. Medienaneignung in den ersten sechs Lebensjahren. München kopaed. S. 25  

**Trupp, Johann (2019) „Mediennutzung von Geburt an und bis zum 4. Lebensjahr“ (Unveröffentlichtes Manuskript)


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