Travelling with children is STRESSFULL!

It’s no secret that kids often drive their parents to the brink of madness on both long and short car journeys. Almost all parents have experienced this themselves. Daddy, Mummy: "Are we there yet? How much longer?" – What parent hasn’t heard that?

"Are we there yet? How much longer?" Nobody wants to hear these questions, they would rather just relax and get safely to their destination. Restless or screaming children become a real burden when driving, especially when you have to focus on the road and the traffic.

12% of the distractions that motorists with toddlers experience are on account of infants.* Mum and dad just have to look if the little kids are sick, arguing and rebelling or getting bored. So, parents can really be distracted many times during a journey. In addition, parents tend to check the safety features of child seats while driving. Does the belt fit properly? Is everything safe? Did I do anything wrong?

Traveling with children is, thus, much more stressful and distracting for parents than e.g. talking on the phone. And in fact, every second child in a car is wrongly or insufficiently secured. There are always new technical aids on the market and regulations and standards for child seats are continuously changing. Inevitably, this can lead to uncertainty for parents. Good advice is expensive and support for stressed parents is urgently needed.

So how can parents and their little ones best prepare for driving to avoid all the unnecessary stress? m:Baby with its functional equipment program offers everything to help parents: A safe, meaningful, age-appropriate and modularly selectable world of mobility for kids from babies up to 4 years.


* Monash University Accident Research Center, 2013

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